F.F - F.F.F.A.F! - A Close Shave

Part Three in a Series: Free Fundraisers - Fun for Friends and Family!

Here is one that will make teachers cringe and students grin... ge... (now that is pure poetry!) Anyways, do any of your teachers feel like encountering a close shave? Here is an idea that will blow your minds! (literally...) All you have to do is put up a sign-up sheet in your school's staff room and book your school gym for a lunch-period. It's that easy. So here's the catch - You have to find teachers who would be willing to shave their heads!
It's awe-inspiring!
Anyways, what you will be doing is charging kids to get to see teachers have their hair shaved off! You can charge about a dollars for admission, and more if lots of teachers are getting their heads shaved. Try to get long-haired teachers to volunteer, and if you want a crowd-bringer, see if you can get your principal in!
This is a sure-fire way to raise a lot of money for no cost at all! And, it will please the masses. You would even be able to sell tickets to parents if you want to make it a bigger event. You'll be able to do this every year, or however often their hair grows back!


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