Spending Itch

I have the spending itch.

It's been a while since I felt that rush when you're pushing a wad of cash across the table and buying something expensive. It goes against everything I stand for.

But I'm gonna do it.

And it will feel GOOD! But I'll be crying at the same time. Here's my downfall.

LG Chocolate: 330 dollars.
Monthly rate: 20 dollars
The look on my dad's face when the clerk turns her head: Priceless.


I'm a Big Businessperson Now!

Two of my friends co-own a site about... fractals. One of them who is more knowledgeable about them is 12, while the other, fluent in HTML, created the site when he was 11. Fractals are, like, complicated too. But this isn't about fractals. I was discussing with the 12-year-old about doing a business deal together, seeing as they have ads as well, so I threw an ad together and got Michael to put it on and link it. It's wonderful to have employees under your control! Anyways, I'm now earning money off of the ad. Their site has some kinks, I mean, some pixels, and it needs a lot. And they're not the best with ads, but who am I to talk?

Business deals with thirteen year old probloggers and 12 year old fractal and HTML guys, involving the site they made about fractals, which most adults don't half understand.

The times are a changing... Learn something new from a couple of 12 year olds! You've done it before with me, do it now for them.


Silly yet Sightful

My friend asked me why she didn't have any money. At first i thought it was a silly question. But I realised that not everyone actually knows why they don't have any money. She spends only about $220 every year, but she was bringing in about $500 a year. But she has NO MONEY! Where has the money gone off to? (me, I wish) But obviously she's not completely aware of her spending habits. She started talking a little bit more about the little things she buys, and it quickly showed that she was a spend-a-lot.
What she should do is track everything she buys for a whole month, and see how much she really spends. That way it will show her what she's wasting and doesn't need to buy, and that can help her save money. Otherwise, she'll keep flushing money down the drain. Or the black hole in her wallet, which is where she thinks it goes.

Rave and Crave - Nothing to do with anything

Hmm.... My mom disagreed with me!

I find it interesting that you give this money making idea a thumbs up, when you gave a lemonade stand a thumbs down. With regards to how much time you need to spend getting your WOW character to a level of being valuable, I bet you make less money per hour gaming than you do selling lemonade. It would be interesting to compare some REAL time vs money charts for both.

Lets back it up here, Crazy Cat Lady! (mhmm, das riiiight!) Now, let me ask yall THIS. Would you rather be sitting outside, all that awesome lemonade in front of you and not being able to drink it, waiting for someone to feel sorry for you and buy some lemonade? (I REALLY don't like lemonade stands....) Or would you rather be inside playing some awesome video game inside and knowing that in the end you'll get some cool cash reward for goofing off and having fun? Am I right? All in favour say "I'ma go to that poll and say aye!" (which will be up tomorrow)



World of Warcraft is a very fun game. It can also be very profitable. Because lots of people, when they are done with WoW, sell their accounts. That account on eBay is selling for a whopping 500 dollars! I have seen accounts actually being sold for over 1,000 dollars.


Anyways, this can be a great opportunity to have fun while making money. Let's say it takes you a year to create your account to a selling level. That's probably about 160 dollars in buying the game and membership. And if you sell it, you can make a hefty, hefty, hefty sum for an RPG addicted kid like me.
If you want to read more on gaming for $$$, here's my old post on MMORPGs you just HAVE to cash in on.

PS: LFG TO READ POST WTS WoW ACC means 'looking for group to read post, wanting to sell World of Warcraft account' in WoW.


Uh Oh Alphagettio!

I've been searching the web lately, trying to find some more in-depth blogs on certain aspects of helping kids (and adults) make money, and if you think you just might have one, please post on me or link to me on your site, contact me with your url, and I'll do a post about your site. I've been working hard to keep this wonderfully amazingly awesome (am I right?) blog alive, and I'm working with linking off to other sites, otherwise... well, who knows what horrors await?


Imagine how much your kids would love you if you got them their own Victorian mansion!

Here's to Another Review

My saviour! After relentless months (weeks? days?) of trying to increase my website's awareness, or exposure, or increase traffic or whatever else you wanna call it, a website that is dedicated just to that! This site, also by a thirteen year old, shows you how to make money online, which is one great business idea I'm trying to talk about. And failing. So if any of you want to give blogging, mini sites, or whatever other online business ideas I've talked about, check this guy out! He has a fancy page design too! One post that I really enjoyed that will help me fix this website up is a nice, simple list. Heaven on Internet!

Tax Rebate and Debate

Alright!It's time to use my powers for good once again! (Umm.... I sure hope I never started using them for evil) I know I'm supposed to be writing for kids but once in a while adults really need my help to. So all you kids wanting to make money, I'm warning you, step back as this could get confusing!

Dear Mr. Munnybagz,

I hate paying taxes. I have used up all my RSP room so that is not an option. Someone has told me about an investment called flow-through shares as a great way to reduce my income tax. I am not afraid of taking any risk but wanted to hear your thoughts on this type of investment.



Well Gloria,

I have to admit that I just learned about these shares a little while ago, but I am doing some more research as I speak. The first thing that jumped out at me is that you can claim these on your tax refund and they will count 40 percent of what you spend on them towards your taxes. So if you invested $10,000 and sold for $10,000, you will have 40 percent go to taxes, but you get 20 percent of that back. I also believe that it has something to do with what tax bracket you are in, and the higher you are the bigger break you get. Unfortunately, these shares can only be bought in oil and mining. I would personally recommend oil for short term and mining for long term. Anyways, back to your question, Gloria. Yes, these do sound pretty good and I know I would buy them. Props on taking a stand for your money and also for maxing your RSP!



Punny (bad pun alert!) Munny

An English teacher asked her 8th grade class to write an essay on what they would do if they had a million dollars.
Larry handed in a blank sheet of paper.
"Larry!" yelled the teacher, "you've done absolutely nothing. Why?"

"Because if I had a million dollars, that's exactly what I would do!"

Thank you for the joke!


Con man Corner - Mini Sites

An amazing piece of ingenuity.
A business review.
Here is one great idea that I have taken the liberty of researching and displaying in a simple yet shocking manner in front of your very eyes. These ideas presented in these reviews are so crafty and easy to do that it would just make you seem like a con men. Or con woman. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of

Con man Corner

Mini Sites. They are revolutionary. I want one, no, 300 of them!

Starting costs: Around 50 dollars to nothing.
Monthly fees: Around 5 dollars to 30 dollars.
Monthly income: Anywhere from 0 to ???? (meaning a lot times a lot plus a lot)

Here's the sitch. it starts out as a normal website. You get your domain and hosted server, but when choosing the domain, look at things that people search a lot. For example, I believe last month the top search in Canada was "menu foods". We're weird, aren't we? Anyways, let's say you got a domain along the lines of http://www.freefoodformenus.com/ and you'll get a lot of hits right there. But of course you'll need content, and because it's menu food people want, by George you'll give it!. What you'll want to do is get someone who knows HTML (preffereably a friend, or hire someone) to make a database, or "box" you can hold stuff in to. These shouldn't take up too much space on the page, as it should scroll down. Now you should go searching the web for recipes and add these in to your database. Once you've got a large database, put on ads and never worry about adding anything again! If you want some extreme optimisation on the ads, get a site where you click "next" or something like that, so for every recipe you get more pageviews on ads.
Here are some GREAT examples. Here is one with a scroll box, and
here is one that really optimises ads.

Return of the Deep Pocketed Drawings

Just thought I'd let all you FunnyMunny fans know how my poll was going. (I'm getting a poll thingy soon so it will be a lot easier to manage) As you can see, Scrooge, my personal favourite, is kicking everyone else's butt. Feel free to keep voting for your favourite rich kid.

Richie Rich: 3
Scrooge McDuck: 5
Veronica Lodge: 2


Let's Talk Books

I've been asked to write a book on money for kids by a publishing agency, and was wondering what kind of things you guys would like to see. Drop me a line (comment) please!

Punny (bad pun alert!) Munny

A restaurant boasted that there host was the strongest man around, and challenged anyone to a contest of strength.
The host would squeeze a lemon and if anyone else could squeeze another drop out of it, they won.
Contestant after contestant tried and lost until one day, a small scrawny man in a suit and glasses walked up and asked if he could try. He managed to squeeze out 6 more drops. The host was amazed. "How did you beat me!"

" I work for the IRS."


Review: The Automatic Millionaire

The book that sparked the idea for my post, Financial Security in Autopilot, the one, the only, The Automatic Millionaire! Anyways, once you've completed that little checklist, read on!

The Automatic Millionaire
Rated: *****

This book had an amazingly powerful recipe for success that no one can fail at. For example, if you buy a latte every day, they could be costing you 2 MILLION dollars! Most of what the author, David Bach, has published is a best seller and he gets rave reviews from everything. Written in an easy to understand format and using lots of big numbers to hold your attention, David Bach has written about how saving just a few dollars a day you can retire to a nest egg worth millions, and he also explains that if you can't save that extra few dollars, where can you find the money. I've loaned it to a few of my friends and they love it, even if they can't do anything about it, because just learning about stuff like this is pretty cool. It is literally one of those books you can not put down, and some people have made life changing decisions before they finished the book! So run, don't walk (unless you sprained your ankle or something), to your nearest book store and get this book.

Well, why are you still here? Go get it!


Punny (bad pun alert!) Munny

Every day after school, Jimmy would walk by his neighbour's house and the same group of teenagers would stop him and hold out a loonie and a toonie and let him pick between the two. Of course, Jimmy would always pick the loonie, the teenagers would laugh and then walk away.
The neighbour, who was always on his porch reading, couldn't help but notice this happen, and finally asked Jimmy why he always picked the loonie.
"Well, if I picked the toonie they would stop doing it, and I've saved up $50 so far!

Punny Munny

This guy, Nick, wrote me up earlier, it's time to return the favour.
He writes this hilarious money blog, Punny Munny.
Here's a post I particularily enjoyed.
I'll pee harder from laughing so hard, thank you very much.

Punny (bad pun alert!) Munny

A man walks into a bank and asks for a $5,000 loan. He says it's for a business trip he's going on for a week. Of course the bank asks for equity, so he gives them is $97,000 Mercedes. They park it in their garage. He gets the loan and leaves.
A week later he returns, pays off the loan plus the $15 interest that's accumulated, gets his car and is about to leave when the bank manager runs up to him and says that while he was gone he found out he was a rich millionaire and wants to know why he needed a loan.
He says, "If you can find a place where I can park my car for $15 a week without being stolen, I'd like to know."


Printer Payday

Here is a fun and easy way for kids to make money.
I'm in an advanced class, which means we have lots of major projects, meaning a heck of a lot of homework. But my friend, M*****w, has an AMAZING colour printer. And I mean, like, Kinkos kind of pictures.
Now, all the kids in my class want a good mark, and he realized they'd be willing to pay, so he now has this picture printing business. But that means I have to pay too....
But it shows that if you have a product and people want it, you can really cash in on it. I mean, he hardly has to do any work for the money!
I need a printer like that....

Dream Advice

It's finally come. First giving financial advice just to friends and family, then people all over the world. I am now giving financial advice to people in my dreams. It makes me wonder what caused me to have this dream. Was it those camping hash browns?
Anyways, last night in my dream, I suddenly moved permanently to some place in the middle of nowhere. I moved with two of my friends into a tiny house (103 square feet) that was making very little money. They were a farming family, and the only place for them to grow crops was their front yard. Growing two different crops with ten plants each was not a very good way to make money. So I started telling them what they could do to make more money, and soon become a very big farming industry.
Maybe I'll visit them in my dream again and they'll be rich! And then THEY will visit ME and give me money! I'll keep dreaming....

Food Coupons

Food coupons can be a waste of time. Except for hash browns. You can save money on them by buying camping hash browns that have been dehydrated. Michael and I tried them. They smelled like onion powder and despair.
Here goes.
Michael took about two spoonfuls before he stopped. I was hungry, so I ate maybe half the plate before I really stopped and tasted it. We threw the rest out.
Back to food coupons.


This is Why I'm Rich

I wrote a parody to This is Why I'm Hot, about money. Check it out!

This is why I'm rich [2x]
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm rich
This is why I'm rich [2x]
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm rich
I'm rich cuz I'm fee
You aint cuz you glitch
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm rich [2x]

[Verse 1:]This is why I'm rich
I don’t gotta pay
I can make a mill by playing golf for a day
I got a million homes
I represent AE
And they say that I rush it
Cuz I’m only thirteen
I luv da Dirty money
Cuz people show respect
They flock to the man
Cuz money can infect
But in the place Dubai
Dey luv to play it big
So when I hit da Hotel
My bill has 5 figs
And if you need a loan
I’ll take an I.O.U
Watch out for my thugs
They’ll break a leg or two
I’m pals with mista Trump
He treats me with a meal
Then I ditch the the Donald
Cause his hair don’t got appeal
People say dat I'm fee
Dey like da way I play
(Dey like my) my attitude with money moves those crowds from you to me
Dey ask me how I do it and simply I repeat
[Verse 2:]
This is why I'm rich
Catch me on my show
Every otha day
Another broke with no hope
24 carat gold, in 16 different molds
in the fast lane, come on it’s your turn to roll
I'm in there with ma Porsche
smash em just for fun
I'm into buyin companies so my business can run
If you need a lift, sit in the back
my cars nicer than solid gold piled in a stack
I call ma broker put
a million on the stock
Pretty soon I sell and I can buy another block
We into big clubs
See my money go a ways
Find me wit different stuff all with cash for which I pays
You wanna be friend don’t like me for ma green
Acquaintances aint seen you’re a best friend no in between
I keep it so gleam my wallet neva seen
It’s all on the house and by that dis is what I mean
[Verse 3:]
This is why I'm rich
Gates is just a schitz
Ask me wat I paid and it’s more than you can hitch
And den you hit my cash,
that makes you a witch
So you come in here to green it up then you are just a snitch!
Dey hop in my Targa
I give em my veneers
We hit da office bulding taller than the one for Sears
I gave you advice and you did me good
I hire you for fun then buy you your own neighbourhood
If I try to teach you then just say you understood
Dey luv da way da house be hangin from the cliff
And compliments da yard which compliments da money
den to shut em up I tell em all bout Roy G Biv
So when I hit da room da clubbas stop and stare
Den I have to leave because money can’t fix ma hair
Little do dey know
I ain’t really their friend
I’m a good samaritan
I just pay for their bill and that’s the end


Review the Second: Rich Dad Poor Dad

I own TWO COPIES! This book is possibly one of the most powerful financial help books ever written. A number one New York Times bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki and co-written by Sharon Lechter, had me engrossed all the way to the end, then made me read the sequel, Cashflow, then made me get all of his guides on money he’s ever written.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is at first written in story mode, showing Rob's childhood involvement in money. First alerted to the power of money when they are not invited to a party because they were “Poor Kids” (that took a long time!), Robert and his best friend Mike have a lust for making money. They finally get their big idea! Casting their own nickels! No dice. So they seek Mike’s dad, who is on the verge of being rich, for financial help. He decides to hire them for 10 cents an hour for three hours a week. Pretty soon Robert gets fed up and asks for a change in pay. And change he gets. He is offered something he can’t, or rather, is not allowed to refuse. He is now getting paid nothing. But Mike and Robert incorporate their genius ideas and make lots of money anyways. After these exciting and humorous first few chapters, he starts talking about different ways of how to make the most of your working years such as, starting businesses, or minding your own business, as he calls it, how to escape the horrors of taxes (unfortunately, only legal ways were included) and most importantly, not working for money and making money work for you.

This was a quick read, but it was packed with knowledge and ideas, so with the thinking you have to do it takes quite a while to get through. A major thing that really caught my interest and held it was all of the schemes they think up. For example, they ran a comic book library and charged an entrance fee. They even had a bouncer! (Mike's little sister....) I couldn't follow through with the advice it gave because I don’t have a job or enough money to start up the businesses he was talking about! I would rate this book a 5/5. Because... well... It's good!