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An amazing piece of ingenuity.
A business review.
Here is one great idea that I have taken the liberty of researching and displaying in a simple yet shocking manner in front of your very eyes. These ideas presented in these reviews are so crafty and easy to do that it would just make you seem like a con men. Or con woman. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of

Con man Corner

Mini Sites. They are revolutionary. I want one, no, 300 of them!

Starting costs: Around 50 dollars to nothing.
Monthly fees: Around 5 dollars to 30 dollars.
Monthly income: Anywhere from 0 to ???? (meaning a lot times a lot plus a lot)

Here's the sitch. it starts out as a normal website. You get your domain and hosted server, but when choosing the domain, look at things that people search a lot. For example, I believe last month the top search in Canada was "menu foods". We're weird, aren't we? Anyways, let's say you got a domain along the lines of http://www.freefoodformenus.com/ and you'll get a lot of hits right there. But of course you'll need content, and because it's menu food people want, by George you'll give it!. What you'll want to do is get someone who knows HTML (preffereably a friend, or hire someone) to make a database, or "box" you can hold stuff in to. These shouldn't take up too much space on the page, as it should scroll down. Now you should go searching the web for recipes and add these in to your database. Once you've got a large database, put on ads and never worry about adding anything again! If you want some extreme optimisation on the ads, get a site where you click "next" or something like that, so for every recipe you get more pageviews on ads.
Here are some GREAT examples. Here is one with a scroll box, and
here is one that really optimises ads.

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KatyRose69 said...

another example is cool tattoo fonts. It's like the one you linked to - but a lot more sophisticated.