This is Why I'm Rich

I wrote a parody to This is Why I'm Hot, about money. Check it out!

This is why I'm rich [2x]
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm rich
This is why I'm rich [2x]
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm rich
I'm rich cuz I'm fee
You aint cuz you glitch
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm rich [2x]

[Verse 1:]This is why I'm rich
I don’t gotta pay
I can make a mill by playing golf for a day
I got a million homes
I represent AE
And they say that I rush it
Cuz I’m only thirteen
I luv da Dirty money
Cuz people show respect
They flock to the man
Cuz money can infect
But in the place Dubai
Dey luv to play it big
So when I hit da Hotel
My bill has 5 figs
And if you need a loan
I’ll take an I.O.U
Watch out for my thugs
They’ll break a leg or two
I’m pals with mista Trump
He treats me with a meal
Then I ditch the the Donald
Cause his hair don’t got appeal
People say dat I'm fee
Dey like da way I play
(Dey like my) my attitude with money moves those crowds from you to me
Dey ask me how I do it and simply I repeat
[Verse 2:]
This is why I'm rich
Catch me on my show
Every otha day
Another broke with no hope
24 carat gold, in 16 different molds
in the fast lane, come on it’s your turn to roll
I'm in there with ma Porsche
smash em just for fun
I'm into buyin companies so my business can run
If you need a lift, sit in the back
my cars nicer than solid gold piled in a stack
I call ma broker put
a million on the stock
Pretty soon I sell and I can buy another block
We into big clubs
See my money go a ways
Find me wit different stuff all with cash for which I pays
You wanna be friend don’t like me for ma green
Acquaintances aint seen you’re a best friend no in between
I keep it so gleam my wallet neva seen
It’s all on the house and by that dis is what I mean
[Verse 3:]
This is why I'm rich
Gates is just a schitz
Ask me wat I paid and it’s more than you can hitch
And den you hit my cash,
that makes you a witch
So you come in here to green it up then you are just a snitch!
Dey hop in my Targa
I give em my veneers
We hit da office bulding taller than the one for Sears
I gave you advice and you did me good
I hire you for fun then buy you your own neighbourhood
If I try to teach you then just say you understood
Dey luv da way da house be hangin from the cliff
And compliments da yard which compliments da money
den to shut em up I tell em all bout Roy G Biv
So when I hit da room da clubbas stop and stare
Den I have to leave because money can’t fix ma hair
Little do dey know
I ain’t really their friend
I’m a good samaritan
I just pay for their bill and that’s the end

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