Paris is offline this weekend so he has asked me to write a guest post for him. The topic? Allowances and cyberchores.

According to a Stars for Kidz, a U.S. research firm, almost half of kids 8 to 14 years old are doing cyberchores for their parents. Read the press release . Cyberchores include helping parents share photos online, help with emails, assist with online vacation planning, and downloading driving directions. The kids claim their parents are "clueless" online.

Hmmm.... cyberchores might be a good thing to add to your chores for getting an increase in your allowance. Or perhaps trade "taking out the garbage" for "help with the computer" on your current chore list.

As Neil Randall from the University of Waterloo says, "What child isn't willing to sacrifice taking out the garbage to help upload pictures?"


Drum roll please!

The poll results are in.

Who is your favourite rich cartoon character?
The winner is.... No! Impossible! Uncle Scrooge didn't win! It's a tie!
Richie Rich - 16
Veronica Lodge - 8
Scrooge McDuck - 16
Other - 5

Would you rather play WoW or run a lemonade stand?
The winner is.... Ahem, pay attention, Mom - WoW!
Lemonade stand - 20
WoW - 28


Cottage vs. Mortgage - PPV Fight

Earlier this morning, I was walking along the beach with my mom, and she told me, " There are two ways to get richer. Make more or desire less." Personally, I think it's actually easier to make more.
As we continued on our walk, Mom looked at lots of houses that she would have loved to own, but could not afford. So I set to work, thinking up different possibilities for each house or property we passed, thinking about how I could use the house and property to earn extra money, to help pay off a mortgage.

Something I noticed and had never really thought about before, was that lots of houses had little cottages that relatives would stay in when they visited. So what if you rented out your cottage? Lots of people will snatch up the chance to rent something at a low price (see example). But there are ways you can get around the "low rent or no rent" phase (I made that up, am I good or what?). A major thing that you could use for your advantage is that people will pay more if they're only staying there for short periods of time. An example is, you can fetch a room for a month for under 1,000 dollars if you rent per month, but if you stay in a hotel room for one night, it can easily cost 300 dollars. A third of the price, but a thirtieth of the time! So, instead of continuously renting out your cottage per month and only getting a little more than a thousand dollars, you can turn it into a B&B and make up to 150 dollars a day! But something more surprising: I did some research, and if you actually advertise the cottage instead of a B&B, you can make twice as much!
A cool perk that comes with the cottage package is that you'll able to brag to the Jones's about owning a cottage and a house! Don't let those Jones's push you around! Another perks towards owning a cottage on your property and renting it out is that you still only have to pay one mortgage! So you can make your regular payments, and then be able to add on the cottage's income and soon be mortgage free! Hopefully....


Can anyone tell me what the vida loca means?

We were up in Whytecliff Park, so I snapped a picture of this house.

Mmm-mmm! Finger lickin' gooood!'

But it ain't NOTHING compared to this baby!

I give you... BILL GATE'S HOUSE!

A little bit of a motivational post, I must say. Imagine being able to build regular sized houses on your dock. Wait, let me look at that dock. Make that a neighbourhood.

It's Fishy in Here....

A website called itsphishie also posted up on me. One thing that held my interest on their site was a comprehensive online money making guide they're currently building. Check it out! It's pretty helpful.

Pretty Ads

Guess what? AdSense SUCKS! So, thanks to this guy, I've been increasing my skills at making money online. His blog is helping me earn money online. I found out about him after he asked me to do a review exchange for links, and I am now using his site. I know you'll all thank me soon enough for doing so, because I learnt a thing or two about advertising on my site!

I now will have prettier ads!

Maybe not as pretty as the fractals ad (checked his site out yet?), but definitely better than AdSense....
But please check this guy's website out, because it can be quite helpful.


Just Call Me Air Homer! I mean, genius Paris....

CAVEAT: The following is illegal. Beware and do not take this post seriously!

I have come up with something you may, at first, think to be NOT ultimate, stupid, and utterly pointless. But you have no idea what my idea is.


Let's say you want to be rich. How will you achieve this goal? I just thought up a business that costs nothing, needs nothing, makes EVERYTHING. All you need to do is ship me 300 dollars and I'll tell you. Hmm.... I'm sounding like one of my ads! Uh oh! Anyways, let's say you make this business.
Now what? You'll need some employees.

Let's say the cost to join this wonderful scheme is 100 dollars. Right there you have 200 dollars. The people who invested in the idea are allowed to recruit as many new people as they want.

Of course, there's a 25% service charge. So now for every recruit your recruits recruit (ugh) you get another 25 dollars. What happens when the chart looks something like this?

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And there's you at the top, getting richer, and richer, and richer! If you recruit 2 people and they do the same, until it looks something like this, you'll have 800 dollars from recruiting a mere 2 people! Now imagine playing in the adult league, charging up to 1,000 dollars for recruiting rights. If this happened, you'd have an amazing 8,000 dollars!

So I ask you...

Ultimate? Yes.

Stupid? No.

Pointless? Absolutely.

Why be Rich?

Lots of people ask themselves that very question: "Why should I be rich?" People think it takes too much time to make the money, or that they're happy the way they are.
Screw them.
This could change your decision about not wanting to be rich.

I giggle when I think that some day, this piece of heaven on Earth, this will be mine.

Still don't wanna be rich?

Power of vii

Running your own blogging network can seriously pay off. Then again, lots of things can pay
off. But this way, you can become famous (in a sense), rich, and NOT HAVE TO DO A THING TO ACHIEVE IT!
Here's how it works:

Build the network homepage, then a blog template that links back to that homepage.
Get my friends to run a blog by themselves on my network.
Get 25 percent of their revenue, deducting from their 75 percent things like hosting fees.
Let the money roll in!

So, if you want to make some moolah, you should try doing this. It's a lot of work, but it can really pay off!
I have to admit, doing something like this can be a total waste of time if your network doesn't go anywhere. So I've decided to test it out myself. I'll keep you updated on how the network is doing and if it's actually been worth my while.

In the meantime, check out the first official site in the network, which will be shortly followed by good old FunnyMunny as soon as we work out some server kinks.


Top 5 Awesomest Blogs Ever - at least mine is :P

I've been written up by Roberto Alamos as one of the top five best and youngest bloggers, adding to my list of write ups and interviews :) I'm up there in the ranks of Thilak Raj Rao, David Wilkinson, Carl Ocab and Jessica Mah. Fun.


eField Trip

Because I've been working so hard on increasing traffic and working on our new network (the power of vii!) I decided I should do something else for a break. What better way is there to soothe a child's mind than a nice, relaxing field trip? Of course, it would have to be online because I need to work on my blog. I can run but I can't hide! Oh, well.
But where should I go today? Immerse myself in the childish humours (and discover blogging techniques) on The Sneeze? Perhaps, suite myself with some light reading on Punny Munny? I have a BETTER idea! Let's go to tsx.com and buy me some shares! So I set out, did some company research, and decided to go with a wind energy company called Fina Vera Renewables. Their stock was checked in at 45 cents a share, so I bought 300. (YOU do the math. I'm Warren Buffet, not Einstein!) They're slowly crawling up, and I'm hoping they'll jump soon, seeing as their president has been attending a fair number of conferences lately.
So, I'm rooting for you, FVR!


Here's the stock information, if you wanna purchase some or something. You know, give them a kick start....

PS - Sorry if I got the terminology wrong, I like to at least sound smart and confusing if I don't know the answer.


AdSense Ahoy!

I am testing with a minisite called a turnkey site. It's basically a website that has a few things to do with something and a lot of ads, so it's like a library on one thing, except the resources are links and ads. It's a great and easy way to make money. They are very easy to make, seeing as some people can make up to 10 in an hour :)
Let's say your turnkey site is making a dollar a day. Not too shabby, eh? Now let's say you have a hundred of those. Bam! And the dirt is gone!

Well, I shut down my turnkey site. I found out it's illegal....


I Just Got Chowed!

I really need to get a new category for all my make money online posts! Wow, I'm getting desperate to find new ways for inserting anchor texts! Anyways, here's John Chow's site review program thingy. He reviewed me so I'm returning the favour. Like it'll make a difference....
I personally find his site fascinating and helpful, not to mention fascinatingly helpful. It's all about making money online, not to mention having some interesting snippets about... erm... his life. Sorry, I was thinking about them and trying not to laugh. Anyways, he is in the top 50 Technorati blogs, and is 2nd for something, probably pretty cool but I can't remember right now.
So go and check his site out and make some money while on your computer instead of learning wonderfully fabulous life lessons about money on my wonderfully fabulous site. Seriously, check it out and make some money so you can buy... stuff.


Give to the Online Community

I learned about these Alexis trains that are used to raise awareness about your favourite blogs. Carl over at carlocab.com put me on, so I wanted to spread some internet cheer! I added 3 sites I couldn't live without. Please, check them out, especially adults, because they are witty AND helpful at the same time! I try most of the time, but I can't ALWAYS do both!

If you want to be on the train and spread awareness about your blog and other favourites, here are the rules:

Put anything you like above this list – Chit Chat, talkies, introduce what this is. Something like that.
Move all the sites labeled “Newcomers” to the list labeled “Oldies”
Add 5 sites that you want to include in the train and make their link like this: http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?www.example.com then invite them to join the train.
Visit all the listed sites! (That’s not much work! Remember, if you plant good seeds they will also grow good) and look at your high Alexa ranking next week!

Earning by Learning
John Chow
Punny Munny
Make Money Online 2.0
Nate Whitehill
Grow your Writing Business
Gary Lee
Smart Wealthy Rich
Make Money Online with a 13-year Old


RRSP time

Hmm.... One of them lazy days. So the only thing I can do is work! But before I go do... ugh... manual labour, let me post.

Dear Munnybagz,
Can you talk about spousal RRSPs during 2007 if both people have room to contribute. And how it impacts on the husband's taxes and if it impacts the wife's at all.

First off, any money you put into a company RRSP is untaxed. You don't need a spousal RRSP if you're both maxing your company RRSP contributions. But other than that, any contributions are good. If only one person is contributing, that will not end up as enough!
Remember, any money that you can save is good. It's better to be able to double your RRSP contributions than have a latte every day. I'm kind of going off track here, but it's good to stress the point that you should always contribute if you can. But it's always better to max your company RRSP contributions first.

This response has been brought to you by Fractals by an 11 Year Old!


A Wise Man Once Said

I have lots of advice,but sometimes I have really good advice, but I never actually use it. But I've decided to take action on a particularly good piece of advice, the mini sites. I know that this has nothing to do with money advice, but it would be great if you could send me some recipes that you wouldn't mind having published!

So, once again, fill my inbox!


With Ideas - From you, to me!

I need help! I have lots of ideas to talk about, but I want to post about what YOU want me to post about. so PLEASE send me your questions or any ideas you want reviewed or anything you want me to talk about, so I know that I'm really helping you. Also it makes you refer me to your friends!

So fill my inbox!