eField Trip

Because I've been working so hard on increasing traffic and working on our new network (the power of vii!) I decided I should do something else for a break. What better way is there to soothe a child's mind than a nice, relaxing field trip? Of course, it would have to be online because I need to work on my blog. I can run but I can't hide! Oh, well.
But where should I go today? Immerse myself in the childish humours (and discover blogging techniques) on The Sneeze? Perhaps, suite myself with some light reading on Punny Munny? I have a BETTER idea! Let's go to tsx.com and buy me some shares! So I set out, did some company research, and decided to go with a wind energy company called Fina Vera Renewables. Their stock was checked in at 45 cents a share, so I bought 300. (YOU do the math. I'm Warren Buffet, not Einstein!) They're slowly crawling up, and I'm hoping they'll jump soon, seeing as their president has been attending a fair number of conferences lately.
So, I'm rooting for you, FVR!


Here's the stock information, if you wanna purchase some or something. You know, give them a kick start....

PS - Sorry if I got the terminology wrong, I like to at least sound smart and confusing if I don't know the answer.


Anonymous said...

aren't you kinda young to buy stocks??? how old do you need to be?

Alex said...

Hah great pump and dump