Paris is offline this weekend so he has asked me to write a guest post for him. The topic? Allowances and cyberchores.

According to a Stars for Kidz, a U.S. research firm, almost half of kids 8 to 14 years old are doing cyberchores for their parents. Read the press release . Cyberchores include helping parents share photos online, help with emails, assist with online vacation planning, and downloading driving directions. The kids claim their parents are "clueless" online.

Hmmm.... cyberchores might be a good thing to add to your chores for getting an increase in your allowance. Or perhaps trade "taking out the garbage" for "help with the computer" on your current chore list.

As Neil Randall from the University of Waterloo says, "What child isn't willing to sacrifice taking out the garbage to help upload pictures?"


Anonymous said...

wheres your source? i want the link

Paris said...

Thanks for asking. I have linked the article to the press release.

Your welcome.

Fundy Pen said...

Fundy Pen, Fundy Pen, he' the batmaaaaan, of the century!