Dream Advice

It's finally come. First giving financial advice just to friends and family, then people all over the world. I am now giving financial advice to people in my dreams. It makes me wonder what caused me to have this dream. Was it those camping hash browns?
Anyways, last night in my dream, I suddenly moved permanently to some place in the middle of nowhere. I moved with two of my friends into a tiny house (103 square feet) that was making very little money. They were a farming family, and the only place for them to grow crops was their front yard. Growing two different crops with ten plants each was not a very good way to make money. So I started telling them what they could do to make more money, and soon become a very big farming industry.
Maybe I'll visit them in my dream again and they'll be rich! And then THEY will visit ME and give me money! I'll keep dreaming....

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