I'm a Big Businessperson Now!

Two of my friends co-own a site about... fractals. One of them who is more knowledgeable about them is 12, while the other, fluent in HTML, created the site when he was 11. Fractals are, like, complicated too. But this isn't about fractals. I was discussing with the 12-year-old about doing a business deal together, seeing as they have ads as well, so I threw an ad together and got Michael to put it on and link it. It's wonderful to have employees under your control! Anyways, I'm now earning money off of the ad. Their site has some kinks, I mean, some pixels, and it needs a lot. And they're not the best with ads, but who am I to talk?

Business deals with thirteen year old probloggers and 12 year old fractal and HTML guys, involving the site they made about fractals, which most adults don't half understand.

The times are a changing... Learn something new from a couple of 12 year olds! You've done it before with me, do it now for them.


Monty Loree said...

What a great blog..
I'm glad to see an active 13 year old from Canada blogging about money and business..

Nicely done!

dudewtf said...
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Anonymous said...

wait till the kids at school find out!

jollibee's history said...

hmmmm really impressive tht the boy of 13 can be this mch successful person,,i wish i could be the same like him,,even i m 23 years old but not tht mch succesful,,,