World of Warcraft is a very fun game. It can also be very profitable. Because lots of people, when they are done with WoW, sell their accounts. That account on eBay is selling for a whopping 500 dollars! I have seen accounts actually being sold for over 1,000 dollars.


Anyways, this can be a great opportunity to have fun while making money. Let's say it takes you a year to create your account to a selling level. That's probably about 160 dollars in buying the game and membership. And if you sell it, you can make a hefty, hefty, hefty sum for an RPG addicted kid like me.
If you want to read more on gaming for $$$, here's my old post on MMORPGs you just HAVE to cash in on.

PS: LFG TO READ POST WTS WoW ACC means 'looking for group to read post, wanting to sell World of Warcraft account' in WoW.


Waste of Time to Game said...

I find it interesting that you give this money making idea a thumbs up, when you gave a lemonade stand a thumbs down. With regards to how much time you need to spend getting your WOW character to a level of being valuable, I bet you make less money per hour gaming than you do selling lemonade. It would be interesting to compare some REAL time vs money charts for both.

Munnybagz said...


Lets back it up here, Crazy Cat Lady! (mhmm, das riiiight!
Now, let me ask yall THIS. Would you rather be sitting outside, all that awesome lemonade in front of you and not being able to drink it, waiting for someone to feel sorry for you and buy some lemonade? (I REALLY don't like lemonade stands....) Or would you rather be inside playing some awesome video game inside and knowing that in the end you'll get some cool cash reward for goofing off and having fun? Am I right? All in favour say "I'ma go to that poll and say aye!" (which will be up tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

Your selling your account?!?

Munnybagz said...


Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

good post :)