The Toons go Head-to-Head in Fight for Best Rich Comic Character!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the annual Rich Person’s Awards! Tonight we have three candidates from four different comics, all going for the award of most loved rich cartoon character! Here they are folks!

Give a round of applause to candidate number one, the star of Richie Rich Comics, Richie Rich! His family has their own police force, they’re so rich! Not to mention a money dam, almost having their own subway system, and relatives that are all rich! Proclaimed to be the richest kid in the world, Richie Rich is guessed to be a zillionaire!

Our second contestant, and possibly the most well known, Veronica Lodge! Not the richest person in the world, however, but possibly the most spoiled and flashy. As one of the star characters in the Archie Digests, she has her own spa which she uses every day, and has caviar as a midnight snack! Her father, Hiram Lodge, is possibly one of the most serious and old-fashioned fathers there is, but is a pushover when it comes to his daughter, leaving Veronica with anything she could ever want.

Now for our third contestant, with no doubt being the richest duck in the world, Scrooge McDuck! The Scrooge comics are a huge hit, as every episode he obtains a new fortune. Having beaten his arch rival, who obtains money in ill-gotten ways, in a most-money contest by a single dime, Scrooge McDuck shows that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting his money. Starting out as a prospector, he has earned every penny he owns. Now, audience, we leave it up to you to decide who the best rich cartoon character is!

Please post your vote!
Veronica Lodge: 3
Scrooge McDuck: 5
Richie Rich: 2


susan said...

I vote for Richie Rich. He is the nicest, and you have to love his dog dollar!

Mark S. said...

Wow, This is immature, I love it!

Richie is the richest not to mention he has a great comic!
Gotta love Veronica, at loss without her own comic.
But scrooge has money, but his comics arn’t all that great.

Im going to have to vote for Veronica

koreadude said...

Veronica 4 me

Gramma said...

oh Sgrooge for sure. he has been a favourite of mine forever.

theman said...

if only betty had money…..

my vote is for Richie…

Munnybagz said...

I voted for Scrooge ’cause he’s the only one who has any financial sense. (he has a lot)

theman said...

scrooge is a cheap b@st@rd

Anonymous said...

I vote for Scrooge

Richie Rich's family saved money without spoiling him, therefore he doesn't have his own financial buiness.

Veronica is supposely spoiled and will end up losing it all.

Someone that uses money for special occasions and saves it for part of their buiness ends up getting popularity and also the richest.

Perhaps using your money wisely with happiness brings it all.

Try hard. It becomes hard and first but it gets easier and easier once you try.

weew said...

I vote for Scrooge.

What I'm most surprised with is that you know OF Scrooge! I use to watch his cartoon at your age!

fredarn said...

Scrooge McDuck