Lemonade Stand? Sour and Bland!

Never, ever, ever, set up a lemonade stand. It is a waste of time, and takes way too much effort. That is it, simply put, but here are some numbers to support my theory. Let’s say the day before I set up the stand, I go shopping for half an hour. The next day it takes me half an hour to set up the stand. For this part, I will use a record of one of my actual stands that I set up.

So far I’ve already spent an hour working on it, and I’ve spent 8 dollars and 35 cents on supplies. Then I sit there for 7 hours and I only make 14 dollars and 50 cents. Minus my expenses and charity, I earn an amazing 3 dollars and 15 cents! Instead of going through all that trouble, I could have just washed my mom’s car and made 5 bucks in half an hour! That’s making over 10 times what I was per hour on the lemonade stand!

So if you really want money, make sure you check all options such as raking, mowing, washing cars or absolutely anything before you open up a lemonade stand. I can make that much money in 10 minutes by rubbing my mom’s back!

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