Money Names- Don’t Question Them!

$1,000,000,000-Bill $1,000,000-Mill, a k of ks, thousand thousands $1,000-k, g, grand $100-large $1-big one Money in general- frog skins, biscuit, beans, spondoolicks, spinach, wampum, small potatoes, dinero, mucho dinero, payola, cookies, bread, do re mi, greenbacks, paper, big bucks, dough, almighty dollar, loot, mint leaves, throw money, washers, red cent, the mother’s milk of politics, geech, juice, black money, trading stamps, bait, dead president, pazoza, peanuts, handsome ransom, wad, glory roll, lettuce, chicken feed, moolah, clams, smackeroos, peso, c-note, simoleons, buck, cold cash, cheddar, rhino, stretch, cake, cha-ching, love, gingerbread, freshmaker, . How to ask if you can borrow money- "Can I squeeze your nuts?”

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Munnybagz said...

If you have any more names, please feel free to post them and i will add them to the list!