Post Number 50! Review Number 1!

There is only so much I can teach you guys because, although it's a sad thing to say, my knowledge is infinite. Whoops! I mean limited... So I have decided to add a new feature to my site. Whenever I do something that can really help you or me get financial knowledge, I will get my butt on this chair and type out a review. That way you can see what books are good and which ones are bad. There will be a lot of reviews because I read a lot of books... What else am I supposed to do in my pleasure time? Play sports? Pfft... But you can read other blogs about people who hate sports, but this is the one you came for to read this review so let's get it on!

CashFlow 101- The game
Rated: *****

CashFlow, the amazing board game by Robert T. Kiyosaki, award-winning best-selling author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books, is designed to help people understand the power of paying off your debt and gaining passive income, or income you do not have to work for. (assets, etc.) You start off with a randomly chosen job, with varied income and expenses, and debt. You are in the rat race, meaning you have to work in order to live. Your goal is to increase your passive income to higher than your expenses and get out of the rat race. To do so, you have to decrease your expenses by paying off bills and increase your money-generating businesses.
I found this game to be both great fun and entertainment at the same time. For the first half of the game, I was extremely captivated and the game held consistent twists and turns to keep you locked in for the entire part. But once I got to the second half, it turned less exciting because the game took longer to do less. The problem is, playing the second and first half took too long, but playing the first half was too short. But all in all, this was a great game.
Go out and buy this amazing (expensive!) game. If you enjoy it, get the kids version and also CashFlow 202. (This guy works fast!)


Roberto Alamos Moreno said...

Amazing!! You are just 13 yo and your writing style let us see you are incredible smart. Your posts are so interesting and easy-to-follow that I'm pretty sure you will become a problogger in no time, and a really good financial advisor when you grow up.

As John Chow said, you still have some things to fix on the site, but you already have the personality and the content to share, therefore you have the foundation for a great blog.

Did you know there's a kid's version of cashflow?? I have never played with any of the cashflow games, but I have read Robert's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and it gives you pretty good advice on how to start thinking like a millionarie, the first step to becoming one of them.

Good luck!

Roberto Alamos Moreno said...

Somehow I was able to don't read the bottom of the post xD. Now I know you are aware of the cashflow's kids version.