Kids: Adult schemes are easier!

I was just wondering if you had any ideas to make easy Internet money for children. I have been searching, and all of the searches i have found either cost hundreds of dollars to start, or are free, and you cant actually download them.Please post or reply, or do something to help. And yes, I did consider a blog, but what to blog about?

Lot's of people have Anonymous for a name nowadays! Anyways:

There isn't anything!
The Internet isn't the safest place for kids. Anything an adult can do though, they can too. So if you want an Internet business, do the same thing adults do: Make a proxy, turnkey, or anything else like that, make a bunch, and stick ads on them. But blogs are still better.


Anonymous said...


Took you long enough

Oh, I'm not the same anonymous...
That one quitted (He got PWN3D)

BrianMorin said...

Marketing Pond and Agloco are two great business opertunities for young people, as well as everyone else. I will post the link, since the question was asked:


Agloco is way at the bottom...

Nick said...

Kids could create a product, or find a local supplier, and build an ebay business, if their parents sign the contracts.

They could make a web page for a local business, like mowing lawns, and use it with local direct mail to get customers.

I hope to write a book, and not as much focused on money write now.


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