F.F - F.F.F.A.F! - The Good Samaritan Salesperson!

Part Two in a Series: Free Fundraisers - Fun for Friends and Family!

We're back in action with F.F-F.F.F.A.F! This episode will not only be easy and profitable for charity, you... I can't think of a witty pun to put here... What I mean by helping out charities by being a salesperson is that you can sell products for someone else while helping out charity. The one thing you'll need? Someone you know who enjoys making crafts. Let's take what I did last summer for example. My mom's friend likes to make those really fancy cards with stamps and pop-outs and stuff, and then she sells them at a craft fair. But there was going to be a fair at a nearby park, and she heard I was selling pens at a table there, ( F.F - F.F.F.A.F! - Pennies for Pens!) so she asked me to sell her cards for her. 40 percent of the money I made went back to her, and 50 percent went to charity. The other ten percent? I gotta make a living somehow! But anyways, within a few hours, I had made 35 dollars for charity! As you can see, it's very easy if you have the connections. The best part about selling cards as your item is that people tend to buy lots of cards at once. If you don't know anyone who makes cards, there's always other things you can sell. And, like I said previously, always announce that most of the money goes to charity and that you are a volunteer.
So until next time, wait until next time!

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