Kids Can Do It Too!

Did you know that people normally don't pay off their mortgages until they're almost retired? Eww! So what if you started earlier? Like, when you're a kid! I'm already saving for my first house, and have been for a few years! It's easier than you think...
Here are some steps to take to help you achieve a house by the time you're 15! (maybe later...)

  • Save at least 50 percent of what you earn! You really don't need that newest skateboard if your old one is a month old. Toys can usually wait until birthdays and christmas.
  • Babysit! Don't have enough time? Take your homework with you and do it while you babysit. Make sure you charge appropriate rates to keep the customers coming back!
  • Once you turn 14 and are legally able to get a job, do it! You don't really need 2 months to relax. Put all of that money towards your Big Purchase and use your allowance to spend.
  • In the end, if you can't afford to buy a house, then co-buy one with someone else. That way, it'll be a lot easier to pay off the house faster, but you'll still be a proud owner!

There you have it. Some people earn-to-own a house, and have it by the time they're 17! Just try really hard, save a lot, spend little, and you'll be an owner before your parents!


Dirk said...

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- Dirk

fredarn said...

Are you really just 12?
If so, this is impressive.

I'am 16, and runs some site of my own, the most important one being http://truemoneymaker.net - You should take a look! :)

Anywat; I wish you good luck!

*adding site to rss reader*

Anonymous said...

im going to try to save for a big house now !
thank you !

Anonymous said...

pretty sweet blog duude!