Finally - A Question has Come on Insurance!

Well, after quite a long delay I have received a question. So now... I write!

Dear Munnybagz,
My partner and I both work and we own a house. Since we are both well off, do we need life insurance? I just think it would be a waste of money.
Please respond!
Insurancely Challenged...

Dear Challenged,
Yes! Let's say one of you did indeed die. Sure, you would be able to survive off of what you make, but you wouldn't be able to pay for your mortgage all by yourself. All the things that took a joint effort to pay off like a car, a house, bills, all that taken out of one salary really hurts, and you wouldn't be able to maintain your standard of living. So let's say one of you got life insurance. But the other person died. Then you would still get nothing, plus you would have wasted money on insurance. So the best thing to do is get one life insurance plan that you can both put into, and it would cover both of you. That's the best way to ensure a painless-after-death situation.

P.S. I need more questions, because I can't write as much if I only can talk about non question-answering things...

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Anonymous said...

omg i totally agree there !!