Invest in a Rainy Day!

What happens when it rains? People stay inside and go stir crazy! But not when you have something to do! This is why you should always have a rainy day pot. That way, you can go see a movie, or go to a show or something, instead of lying around with the heater turned up. Just make sure you don't save your umbrella-money... Some of you adults out there might not think that this is applicable, but there is a different meaning to saving for a rainy day. What would happen if you got laid off? Where would the money come from if you didn't have a job? You would need to have saved it before-hand. This kind of rainy day saving should allow you to live normally for at least 6 months. That's one long rainy day! But that kind of rainy day savings could be applicable to anything, also known as an "emergency fund". That kind of fund would cover small emergencies like a broken arm, but it's good to have larger funds, like if your roof blows off in that 6-month-long rainy day!


koreadude32 said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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your young right?
thats pretty impressive!!!

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